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About Us

Our Background

Motile.Net was founded in 1994. The company is an association of consultants each with an average of over 25 years of IT, Software Development, Internet and Business Experience.

Motile provides IT and Internet-related business consulting, solutions and service offerings. Our key competencies include the development and operation of Internet-based applications, services and sites. Recent projects have centred on electronic commerce, integration with legacy systems, content management systems, metadata repositories, web content accessibility, cryptography and security.

We provide innovative ways to take care of your IT support and service needs, including Internet-based remote server and network administration and support services. We provide business users with hands-on problem-solving through help-desk and technical support services to your desktop across the Internet.

We can help you build, deploy, and manage a unique Web presence that works for your business and help you establish a secure, high-performance Internet network that means business.

We have undertaken research and development assignments in metadata repositories and search engines, metadata-driven content management systems and web content accessibility in conjunction with RMIT, La Trobe University and James Cook University.

Our Vision

Motile is part of the ever accelerating global movement to Internet based product and service delivery. We don’t believe there is a better provider in Australia of Remote Internet based Tech Support and Network Management. Our Vision is to remain Australia’s premier supplier of these services to as wide a range of Australia’s SME’s as possible.

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